Thank you so much for the opportunity to enroll in Graphic and Web Design Program. I appreciate for the patience and the enthusiasm of all the staff especially my teacher Nassim. Good Luck.


I thank everyone at ABC Access Business College – especially Berj, Nassim, Brijesh, and esteemed principal Mrs. Gurpreet. Everyone has been accommodating, resourceful, and patient with me in my journey of getting new qualifications through Second Career. Brijesh sir, thank you for being such an excellent teacher, covering each and every topic with patience and understanding. Thank you for answering my questions and solving any doubts I had. Nassim ma’am, thank you for training me in being able to use a computer so well that I, now, have no issues in being able to resolve any issues. Berj sir, thank you for your guidance with the admissions and application process and onboarding, getting enrolled into Access and Second Career felt like the easiest task despite being tedious. And Gurpreet ma’am, thank you for treating me like family and creating such a home-like environment for me, I never felt scared or unconfident any time I needed guidance. You made getting an education easy for me. I will miss everyone dearly! Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

Sarina Paris

Going back to school after thirty years was a very scary decision for me but it was one I needed to make.  I needed a new career and this college gave me that opportunity.   I was lost and didn’t know what direction to go or what program to choose. Akhil patiently helped me to decide which program would be best for me.  With the understanding and support of the friendly staff especially my teacher Nassim, I slowly began believing in myself.  I was not treated like another number but like a person.  And my teacher was so approachable when I would get stuck in certain areas. ABC Business College made the impossible possible for me. I now have a diploma in Graphic Web Design despite have zero experience with graphics, and minimal computer knowledge.  All this was accomplished in less than one year.   I recommend this school to anyone who needs a new career and who is willing to develop themselves in a friendly and supportive environment. Thank you ABC Access Business College.

    Graduation ceremony 2022